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ATM Open Codes Securely On-Demand

OTC Anywhere provides fully-secured, highly available, on-demand dispatch of Cencon/S&G/TDS One Time Combination codes anytime, anywhere and at any point in your cash/valuables operation.

OTC Anywhere Mobile App
OTC Anywhere Batch Mode
OTC Anywhere API Service
Virtualized Cencon Hosting

Field Mode

Empower your field teams to securely self-request the Lock Open Codes they need anytime, anywhere

Batch Mode

Pull Open Codes in bulk and pre-populate your existing route sheet templates automatically

API Mode

Add on-demand OTC code access to existing route and field service management applications 

Host Mode

Offload your entire lock management function to a partner managing over 500,000 opens per month

How Much Can You Save with OTC Anywhere?

OTC Anywhere is a fully automated Cencon Lock Automation solution that eliminates the costs of maintaining a call center, bulk processing lock transactions, or relying on dispatch support personnel to manually process ATM lock open and close requests.


over 500k Secured OTC Combo Pulls/Month

Reduce Call Support

Move your lock support operation to a fully secured, self-service model and restructure your cost model

Reduce Wait Time

Eliminate all code retrieval delays and increase the stops per day your field organization can reliably deliver

Reduce Downtime

Move to an enterprise solution to  increase the reliability/availability of mission-critical lock operations

Isolated Access 

Provide code access to your lock system from outside your corporate network to further maximize security

Usage Restrictions

An extra layers of user restrictions based on time, lock permission, user location, lock proximity and more

Classes of Service

Define custom classes of service for users/groups to control who, what, where and why locks can be accessed

Duress Features

Introduce in-field duress signaling with multi-tiered and multi-channel alerting across your operation

Close Detection

Not only dispatch open codes but also know who left what lock open and dynamically reassign to close

Backup Channels

Set primary and backup channels for your teams to access codes no matter what situation they're in
Why OTC Anywhere?

Use Case

Front-Line ATM Maintenance

Drastically reduce manual dispatch support costs and expensive technician wait-times with on-demand ATM lock code access to keep your customers online and within your Service Level Agreements.


Servicing over 7,000 FLM/SLM technicians daily


Front-Line Maintenance technicians self-serve ATM lock codes 

Minimize live call support coverage to just the edge cases

Establish primary and secondary code access channels (e.g. IVR)

Introduce extra security layers to further isolate/mitigate risk

Automatically detect and reassign "not-closed" locks

Dynamically dispatch codes based on location proximity*


Learn more about how OTC Anywhere can further optimize your lock maintenance operation

Front-Line Maintenance

Use Case

Cash-in-Transit Operators

Time is money in CIT, and with the help of OTC Anywhere CIT and VIT operators can eliminate the inefficiencies of carriers waiting for access to their ATMs in either an on-demand capacity or batch opening ahead of planned routes -- all to reduce the Mean Time to Replenish and thereby increase the effective number of stops per day per team.

Servicing over 1,500 CIT teams daily


ATM CIT carriers request lock open access as needed (minimizing out of truck time)

OTC Batch users receive pre-populated route sheets containing the open codes they need for the day (even using existing route templates)

Automatically detect locks left open after service completion*

Introduce in-field duress reporting and alerting to maximize safety 

Dynamic lock access reassignment and full lock history tracking

Location & Workflow driven code dispatching to minimize theft*


Learn more about how OTC Anywhere can further optimize your CIT/VIT operation


Use Case

Retail/Branch Cash Access Mgmt

Whether operating cash-intensive retail environments utilizing smart safes or managing a network of bank branches, managers responsible for cash inventory need to precisely manage who, when, where and why employees need to access cash -- shared lock combination codes no longer cut it.

Servicing over 800 retail/BANk branches daily


Branch users can instantly open all locks at their permitted locations

Easily reassign user lock and key access controls

Define time access windows and other user restrictions

Automatically detect and alert on left open locks

Require live video confirmation/authorization on safe open requests*

Integrate iOT video and sensors for even more precise access controls*


Learn more about how OTC Anywhere can further optimize your retail or branch management operation

Cash Access Mgmt

Use Case

Centralized Route Dispatch Support

Even with users being able to securely self-serve lock codes, your ATM/Safe centric business still requires periodic manual lock support and supervisor lock/route reconciliation.  OTC Anywhere extends beyond basic lock management functions to extend core functionality to more effectively centralize route dispatch support functions that require right now access to critical lock, key and user information -- All to trim cost and increase efficiency.


Operationally join multiple Cencon instances into a single architecture

Centralize regional support resources tied to regional Cencon instances

Maintain detailed transactional logs on all lock support cases

Allow permitted supervisors to open locks on behalf of users

Extend code access/distribution to third party carriers and vendors*

Reduce time per incident and total incident volumes


Learn more about how OTC Anywhere can further optimize your centralized route support model

Use Case

Cencon Lock Management Hosting

For larger operations, with regional and national ATM support footprints we provide a fully managed, professional enterprise hosting solution for your single or multiple architecture Cencon Lock Systems to ensure it's always available, fully redundant service to your support operations


End-to-end enterprise system redundancy, failover and availability

Cecon replication across multiple secured data centers (or premise locations)

Specialized support resources for lock installs, key reassigns, etc

Direct accessibility to deep Cencon management experience 

Dedicated task management for any/all lock management coordination*

Cost effective alternative to coordinating with internal IT


Learn more about how OTC Anywhere can further optimize your entire ATM lock management function

Lock Mgmt Hosting
Central Route Dispatch

Typical Multi-Channel Deployment Architecture

For organizations with multiple geographic locations and who need a higher guaranteed system availability, OTC Anywhere deploys alongside you Cencon implementation and can provide full system redundancy.
Solution Architecture
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We currently support some of the largest FLM, CIT and Bank operators in the United States and currently suppress hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost from these models monthly.

Contact us today for a real conversation about how OTC Anywhere can reduce cost, increase security, reduce risk and increase the productivity of your ATM/Safe operations business.

Thank you for your interest in We will contact you in a jiffy.

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